Introverts and lesson learned

I have started to read this book that was given to me last Saturday and there was an assignment at the end of the first chapter that says: ‘create something from nothing’, so here it goes 😉
6th day in LA today, really??? Seems like I arrived yesterday. First time in the States so totally out of my comfort zone but with so many beautiful people and so many great speakers at the #Evercoach summit. It has been amazing these 3 days but also like a roller coaster to me. With mostly ups but also some downs because it’s not easy for an introvert to be at a convention with a new tribe, so many impressions and so much that gets thrown at you.
So after two days my ‘down’ came, in the form of comparing myself to others, talking bad to myself for not being more open and not being able to connect in the way others connect and they do it seemingly easy.
At moments like these, I always come back to gratitude and I start to look for the beautiful moments. For the moments I DID connect with beautiful souls, for the opportunity I have been given to be at the summit, for the moment I enjoyed looking at the people having fun on the dancefloor, for the deep conversation I had when everybody around us were doing crazy stuff and you know what? I wouldn’t change a thing.
When I’m in a more tranquil environment I DO walk up to others to connect in a deep way and that’s how I am. I don’t give a shit about small talk, don’t like to be around people who are always talking about how much money they earn, how big their house or car is. I love to talk with people about their passions, how they feel and most of all, that they get vulnerable with me and I love to give this space.
So what I would like to say if you read this post and you’re an introvert, is stop comparing yourself to others, enjoy being with yourself without feeling the need that you have to be with others because the world thinks so. See all the good things that are inside of YOU and start appreciating yourself as if you were your best friend. It’s ok to be introvert 😉
With love and health,

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